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Who We Are

ADDPlus is started by a group of talented and visionary engineers with vast R&D experience in consumer electronics business.
We imagine. We create.
We make life safe & secure.
We at ADDPlus, believe that technology is means to ‘Fulfil Life’. Technology provides innovative solutions that simplify our lives. Moreover it enables us to do more and make doing things more effective & meaningful.We continuously strive to address day-to-day life by striking a balance between technology and affordability. Our innovations are majorly focused on integration of multiple technologies which will help fulfil multiple utilities.

What We Offer

Secure Guard Plus

Simple yet powerful Intruder / burglar alarm systems, Designed & Designed for India.

Home Automation

Making Homes unique, smarter, safer and convenient controlled by your mobile device.

Key Features

+ 5 Configurable mobile numbers

+ 8 Sensor Support

+ Instant SMS & CALL alerts

+ Lock & Unlock system with KEY or SMS

+ SOS button

+ Battery Backup with SIREN

+ Complete Wired Solution for reliability

+ Easy to install



Why Secure Guard+ is an effective option?

At the heart of it is the main guard unit that monitors and safeguards your house 24x7 with the help of external motion sensors and door sensors.

When any of the sensor guards detect a break-in, a SIM card placed in the main unit intuitively sends a missed call alert and an SMS alert to your mobile phone.

It also sets off a siren to warn the intruder.

* Phone numbers can be fed by SMS to the password protected secure guard plus SIM from the user’s phone. Main unit  is password protected & can be operated with a key or  through SMS command from the registered / configured mobile.

Secure Guard+ & Its Components

Main Unit :

It is central device and with the help of in-built GSM/Mobile unit it send the alerts and status of the designated area. It also has the key based lock & unlock system

Motion sensor :

Designed to detect movement, this unit can be installed at any place that needs to be secured. When activated, the sensor picks up any movement in the area and relays it to the main unit. The main unit in turn sets off the alarm and send out an SMS, and call alert to the registered phone numbers.

Door sensor :

The door sensor that can be installed on your door or window frame and it is programmed to detect any change in door or window alignment when the device is switched on. The moment an intruder tries to enter the house the sensor transmits the information to the main unit, which activates the alarm and simultaneously send out an SMS and call alert to the registered phone numbers on its SIM. 

Siren :

The siren is loud enough to alert neighbours and discourage the intruder. The Secure Guard+ is intelligently programmed to set off the siren if the trespasser tries to tamper with its setting or tries to cut off/disconnect the device from the other units.

Battery back-up :

Considering that most towns in our country face power cuts, the Secure Guard Plus comes with a battery back-up that lasts approximately 7-8 hours.

SOS/Emergency switch :

In case of an emergency, the user can manually trigger the alarm to alert neighbours and send an SMS, and call alert to the registered mobile numbers stored on the main unit’s SIM. ADDPlus has included this feature based on feedback from many households where elderly people or children have to stay back home alone.



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